Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents: Independent Contractors

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Tverberg v. Fillner Construction, Inc. (2008) 168 Cal. App. 4th 1278, 2008 WL 5102860

A man who was injured when he fell into a hole while installing a canopy at a construction site filed an action against the general contractor alleging causes of action and premises liability. The defendant moved for summary judgment based upon Privette v. Superior Court (1993) 5 Cal.4th 689, contending that it owed no duty of care to the plaintiff. In opposition to the motion, the plaintiff argued that he was not an employee of the subcontractor which had hired him, but rather, an independent contractor, and therefore Privette did not apply.

Even though both sides agreed that the plaintiff had been hired as an independent contractor, the trial court granted summary judgment. However, the court of appeal reversed, disagreeing with a contrary decision in Michael v. Denbeste Transportation, Inc. (2006) 137 Cal.App.4th 1082, 1093-1096: Read the rest »