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Now Kids, Remember to Play Nice!

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By Janine Sperandeo | July 22, 2014

courtroomThe foundation of the rule of law is dependent upon lawyers treating judicial officers and each other with respect, dignity and courtesy. The need for civility and dignity is critically important, especially today, with the legal profession and the judicial branch of government under cynical attack from various quarters.
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It is a privilege to appear as counsel before the court representing a client in the pursuit of justice. Counsel are considered officers of the court. The handshake at the end of the trial is not the only time when professionalism and civility are expected. It is demanded of lawyers, at all times and at all stages of a case, no matter what the stakes involved.
-People v. Whitus, 209 Cal. App. 4thSupp. 1, 4, 13 (2012).

On April 23, 2014, the California Supreme Court promulgated a new Rule of Court, adding to the traditional oath codified in Business and Professions Code Section 6067 and requiring all attorneys upon admission to the Bar to “strive to conduct [themselves] at all times with dignity, courtesy, and integrity.”  Rule 9.4, entitled Oath Required When Admitted to Practice Law, took effect on May 23, 2014 and was administered for the first time in June to the group of new lawyers who passed the February 2014 bar exam.  But what does the new oath really mean to the practice of law?  Will we notice an uptick in counsel unilaterally reaching out, offering 30 day extensions for filing that opposition?  Will there be groups of lawyers rushing to make lunch dates with opposing counsel in the effort towards camaraderie?  Do we have to be nice to each other now?? Read the rest »

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Save Our Juries Website Launch: Aims to Protect Trial by Jury

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July 4, 2014 – Mark P. Robinson, Jr. – founding RCRSD Inc. partner and national president of The American Board of Trial Advocates – is pleased to announce the launch of, a website to help visitors understand and appreciate the 7th amendment right to trial by jury – and why it’s in jeopardy. Read the rest »

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