GM Ignition Switch Defect

GM Ignition Switch Death Toll Rises to 19

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Ignition-With-KeyThe Feinberg report, “confirms, tragically, my repeated warnings that the number of deaths caused by GM’s concealed ignition defects is likely to be far higher than the 13 deaths the company acknowledged,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) “This news only emphasizes the severity of the company’s safety lapses and the continuing urgency of rapid repairs to these defective vehicles, many of which remain on the road. – Los Angeles Times, September 15, 2014

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GM Announces Compensation Plan for Victims in GM Ignition Switch Recall

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June 30, 2014 – General Motors claims they are prepared to offer compensation, including at least $1 million in compensation for each victim who died in accidents caused by defective ignition switches, under the terms of a victim compensation fund announced today.  Kenneth Feinberg, a lawyer hired by GM to help administer payouts related to the defect, said that for those who were killed or suffered catastrophic injury, the size of the settlement would be based on age, earning potential, medical expenses and family obligations.  He provided a hypothetical scenario in which the family of a 25-year-old married woman with two children who was earning $46,400 a year at the time of her accident would receive $4 million.  According to Feinberg, those who suffered catastrophic injuries could receive considerably more.  Claimants and their lawyers will still be required to prove legally and factually that their injuries were caused by an ignition switch defect.  Read the rest »